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The Avatar Effect

Definition: An embodiment or personification,as of a principle,attitude, or view of life.
Origin: late 1700's avatara a passing down, equivalent to ava down + tara a passing over
Synonyms: archetype, comprehension, conformation, embracement, epitome, example, realization, reflection, organization
Antonym: exclusion (

Embodiment or the bringing together of horse and human is always nothing short of an blessed opportunity. The potential to concur mind verses body the multiplication of strength and beauty in form and function translate to specific moments in life.

What do you as the human bring to the embodiment, take a honest look at your view of life. Remember each opportunity is new what is your view at that specific moment? The horse knows what cause and effect will do in relation to there physical well being. Do they feel safe, will they get relief from stress. For the horse stress is defined as threats to there life and many degrees of physical discomfort within there life. The human evaluates cause and effect in relation to all the emotions experienced past and present. The human however scared by past experiences has free will to act on there emotions. This is where attitude develops a view of live. This is where being open minded and giving trust can trade feelings of frustration for feelings of accomplishment. The human is challenged to use free will and filter all emotions (in other words exclude emotion) to further understanding of and communication with the horse.

One thing both the human and the horse seem to respond to is conformation. Has the response been correct. Dose the effect increase or decrease stress? The human must pass on demanding the horse function through emotion and understand the horse will react to conformation. Consistent action determines conformation. Positive action from the human brings positive response from the horse negative action from the human brings negative response from the horse.

Positive attitude comes from confidence. Confidence can be traced to experience and experience seems to develop knowledge, skill and judgment. The human has functions in the brain to learn and to teach. Again take a honest look do you offer the horse accurate knowledge correct skill and good judgment. It may not be vitally important to have the skill mastered at that moment but it is vital to seek the skill from a proven master. The human may gain understanding expediently by appropriately looking to the horse a the proven master. Both the human and horse can define positive and negative experience the horse however through stress realization and the human through emotional realization. (Stress in this case is defined as a physiological state not an emotional feeling.) Growth and development in confidence can bridge this gap in understanding. The human may make a promise, or three to support positive attitude. Before seeking an opportunity first promise not to forsake a partnership for the sake of making a point, second promise to seek the joy of learning not the pleasure of knowing and third pass on an attitude of positivity not a burden of frustration. As the human what we represent these things above all the horse the horse will manifest.

Embodiment- We are one with the horse.

Representation- When the human thinks about moving his own feet, the horse walks forward.

Manifestation- Understanding the next step where do the feet go working toward a win- win, working til the job gets done and seeking the next opportunity. Will it all maintain positivity?

To rush time and understanding may push negativity and frustration or to stop free will and open mindedness could lead to missed opportunity. To give in to uncertainty will manifest trouble and promote negative experiences. Also to exclude what ether the human or the horse represents all seems the antithesis of the avatar effect. It could not possibly maintain positivity.

My personal avatar effect; my goal to embody, personify, maintain a principle attitude and view live with positivity. Will I get it right? As a human I fear its a lot to ask but if I partner with horses and seek understanding the embodiment of the horse will carry me giving me the strength to make every opportunity in life positive. This attitude translates as together there is achievement a positive experience leads to more opportunity. This is the type of human I want to offer the horse and this is type of horse I want to have manifested. To all the humans involved a little positivity toward each other should go a long way. Stands to reason doesn't it?

P.S. Half a century experienced with horses and I still need to learn from a proven master thank you Dunn Dee for the partnership.

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